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Professional Development Workshops for Teachers: Having an engaging mindset is easy to do. Implementing it is even easier.  Keep your students physically and emotionally engaged in the learning process. Each teacher will learn engaging practices that include: using state changes, giving effective directions, and implementing music to boost responsiveness.  This fast-paced, innovative, and dynamic seminar explains why, while simultaneously demonstrates howto put these strategies in practice.

Engagement Workshops One-Day and Two-Day

Single Day: Each teacher will be ready to enhance their own instructional practices to include specific methods such as using state changes, giving effective directions, and implementing music to boost responsiveness. Strategies will be shared that improve your students’ cooperativeness and promote engaged learning scenarios with these simple tools.

This fast-paced, innovative, and dynamic course explains why, while simultaneously demonstrates howto put these strategies into practice. The real magic comes from orchestrating these techniques to create a blast of focused, productive energy.  By infusing this motivation model into your Common Core Standards, you can propel your students toward achieving the desired outcomes. Explore a series of seldom-discussed educational techniques behind facilitating instruction that engages and motivates learners. Each idea can stand alone as a useful tool to put into practice immediately.

  • Principals of Engagement – The Engagement Model
  • Maximize learners’ ability to pay attention
  • Classroom management through state management
  • Use Of Music in the classroom that Motivates and Regulates
  • Increase Efficiency in The Classroom
  • Memories are Made of This: Making Learning Memorable – Significantly increase recall & retention

Two Day: Each teacher will add on the first day of training by adding the secrets behind creating quick content buy-in powerful linguistics that create content buy-in and in addition fun curiosity builders. Teachers will look at their current teaching practices and what engaging practices fit naturally. Planning and

  • Language FRAMING tips
  • Set up learners to be curious and ‘wanting’
  • Paradigms in Learning
  • A challenge activity that examines why we hesitate

Dr. Cristal McGill

Cristal McGill received her PhD in Educational Psychology from Arizona State University. People who have taken her workshops and classes praise her creative style, innovation, and passion for teaching. She has a reputation for facilitating upbeat, interactive, meaningful sessions marked by engaging instructional practices. Cristal also facilitates dynamic “train the teachers [instructors] to be trainers” seminars, allowing her to model and coach engaging practices with school districts that require teachers to provide professional development for their peers. As a leader in the field of engagement, her single and multiple day workshops are loaded with practical, easy-to-use tips and tricks, a game-changer in professional development, informed trauma care, and engagement practices experiences. Workshops with Cristal have a consistent record of increasing attendance, cooperation, and participation due to her facilitation of active learning strategies. Cristal offers one- to four-day programs customized to your specific needs. Participants walk away with an “explosion” of ideas guaranteed to lift any classroom, boardroom, or briefing room to an entirely new level.

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