Title: Be an Engaging Trainer – Keep the Best, Change the Rest!

Audience: K-12 Teachers moving into instructional delivery positions for the school district, Staff Development Personnel, and School Leaders.
This is a workshop dedicated to training personnel as trainers/presenters who work with adult audiences. Participants will explore instruction and presentation techniques that facilitate effective trainings.  They will learn to keep adult audiences alert and attentive by using state changes, effective directions, and specific language rules that increase participation and cooperation. Participants can expect to learn and use specific techniques that boost responsiveness and increase personal effectiveness. This session defines the basics of presenting. Planning templates provided are used as a tool to layout a training. They allow participants to plan, reflect, and collaborate while explicitly considering effective strategies for audience engagement.
Effective instruction means finding ways to keep your audience physically and emotionally engaged in the learning process.  This fast-paced, innovative, and dynamic three-day seminar explains why, while simultaneously demonstrates how to put these strategies into practice. Propel your trainings quickly and easily toward achieving any desired outcome. This training is about leveraging time, removing barriers, and igniting personal ideas.
Participants will:
  • Design a presentation framework with an engaging approach for instructional delivery to peers (adult learners)
  • Develop a distinctive motivation & engagement philosophy
  • Maximize learners’ ability to pay attention through the use of ‘state’management
  • Use music strategies that motivate learners 
  • Increase efficiency in the learning environment by fine-tuning direction-delivery skills
  • Explore paradigms in teaching delivery
  • Use planning templates and action guides for design and reflection
  • Finish with a Break-Through exercise that challenges limiting beliefs
Having an engaging mindset is easy to do. Implementing it is even easier. 
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