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Engaging minds offers one-day and multi-day events uses engaging instructional strategies that reinforce, inspire, and motivate follow through and lasting learning with adult learners.

Your personnel will learn instructional delivery methods that promote resilience and improve morale. Along with effective instructional strategies, they will participate in challenging activities that will require creative problem solving, communication skills, and mental toughness. This allows the group to experience first-hand how important it is to have effective listening skills, as well as the ability to alter their communication styles, adapt behaviors to meet the needs of the situation, and improve the degree of attention, curiosity, interest, optimism, and passion that your audience display when they are learning or being instructed..

Our intentions are to persuade you to examine your personal instructional delivery strategies. “State” dependent instructional delivery methods will increase the ability to pay attention to your instruction or lectures more effectively. We’ll discuss evidence that recommends certain methods, and the theory behind them. After this, I’ll arm you with practical, easy strategies that support your adoption of these engaging practices. Some of these ideas will resonate with you; others may not fit your disposition. Embrace what works and leave the rest.

These ideas are appropriate for all age levels and great for knowledge retention. More importantly, these engaging practices will grow your own resilience in your career. Remember, what you give to your targeted audience, you give back to yourself in energy and satisfaction. You don’t have to believe me now, just try a couple methods at a time and notice the upgraded student engagement!

Part of instructing with an engaging practices approach is that we focus on our students’ needs first, such as their physical comfort, energy, attitude, distractions, and the like. Then, and only then, can we deliver content. Those in front of us who are unfocused, uncomfortable, or distracted are not in an optimal learning mindset for recall or comprehension of instructional delivery. Focus on teaching people first, and then you can deliver content.

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