Teacher as Trainer - Working with adult audiences

Multi-Day: These training’s are three to four days in length, usually split into 2-Two Day training’s

Propel your training’s quickly and easily toward achieving any desired outcome. You will explore a series of seldom-discussed educational techniques behind facilitating instruction and motivation.  These strategies and methods can be built into your training practices immediately. This professional development is about leveraging time, removing barriers, and igniting personal ideas. Teachers as trainers will learn the use of ‘state changes’ that keep audiences alert and attentive, effective directions, and specific language rules that are the behind the scene secretes to actively creating cooperativeness and engaged participants. In addition to defining the basic of presenting, teachers will upgrade their own teaching practices to include specific techniques that boost responsiveness and increase personal effectiveness. This training is about leveraging time, removing barriers, and igniting personal ideas.  Planning templates and design time are necessary and proactive for implementing strategies.

Participants can expect:

    • Principles of Engagement – The Engagement Model
    • Maximize learners’ ability to pay attention
    • Increase attention levels through ‘state’ management
    • Use of music strategies that motivates and regulates
    • Increase efficiency in learning environment
    • Memories are made of this: Making learning memorable – Significantly increase recall & retention
    • Paradigms in Learning
    • Scaffolding in action
    • Planning Templates, Action Plans, Story telling, Openings and Closing considerations
    • A challenge activity that examines why we hesitate
    • Breaking through barriers
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