Cristal McGill, PhD

I conduct dynamic (and frequently humorous) training sessions with buckets of personal energy. Those who have taken my workshops and classes praise my presentation style. I have a reputation for facilitating upbeat, interactive, and meaningful sessions that are marked by solid, engaging instructional and presentation practices.

My workshops have a consistent record of increasing attendance, cooperation, and participation due to the implementation and facilitation of active learning strategies.  These workshops are loaded with easy to use practical tips and tricks of the trade. They are a game changer in a professional development experience. Participants walk away with an “explosion” of ideas guaranteed to lift any classroom to an entirely new level.

In addition to developing teachers’ engagement strategies, I conduct trauma-informed care seminars that help teachers support K-12 students’ emotional health (e.g., hope, confidence, trust, resilience) by providing teachers with support strategies to help students struggling with depression, anxiety, and other PTSD symptoms.

For more information on how to schedule Cristal for your next workshop experience, email her here or leave your information in the contact form on this website. 


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